Men's Original K.S.W Leather Jacket in Black

Rs.1,449.00 Rs.2,999.00

Lets put on some heavy stuff and stay on the main stream with this amazingly cool Leather Jackets for men. This jacket is particularly for the individuals for whom "Style Does Matter". The leather is soft and doesn't lose the shape when worn. The inner side has a half of the Velvet which make it further warmer. The collar has a zip on it which is adjusted with hood and can separated quite easily. You can wear it easily in both ways with hood or simply with the zipped collar, the zips in side pockets make an extra step in it coolness. Its a smart fit jacket which definitely make you look like a super star.

Size Equivalent:
L:     Small
XL:   Medium
2XL: Large
3XL: X-Large

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